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Sunday, March 13, 2005

Sweet Victory

Hello my lovelies !

Well y'all will be real proud to hear that I passed my taekwondo grading with flying colours. You're now looking at a might spunky green belt (I will try and photos for you all ok?) as I get presented with my green belt (I'm now a senior grade)
It was a great day and I really enjoyed it (it was not too long at all this time) Sadly, two of girls from my class going for black belt didn't pass, mostly due to not being able to break the boards (kicking techniques) after several attempts. I'm halfway to that stage and I'm really aiming to be a black belt by the end of the year but with travel plans imminent - BF will probably advance before me (yes, this pisses me off greatly but what can I do)

I'm sporting 14 bruises on my limbs but it's all good, they are like trophies really.
I made sure I drank 8 litres of water and I also had a big pasta dinner the night before and snacked on bananas (natural steroids) . It sure made a difference, only at one stage did I lose my breath enough to be concerned, but I had my water bottle close by. I remembered all my pattern and so did BF - we both passed which is a really good feeling. Thanks for your well-wishes and nutrition tips, they really helped us give our best on the day. I slept most of the day today and have been comparing bruises with BF. I have more but he seems to think that's because I get tagged more but I beg to differ as I am more of a madass and put myself in the action more.

It's really nice that BF and I share an active hobby outside the conventional "couple" activity, especially one that requires a sharp mental process in order to master the techniques and application of Martial Art. I have definitely incorporated elements of a warrior into my daily routine and in many ways I am just getting stronger, defeat is no longer a word in my vocab.
I just wanted to post that we had both made it and thank you for your well wishes.

You guys are super !
Love Heroinegirl

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