A Note From The Writer

Welcome to the archived blog posts (when I was a wee blogger, wet behind the ears and not aware of spell check and various other gramatical structures!) I have kept the writings unedited or reworked as I am in the process of doing a massive rewrite of my entire life, many posts I have yet to publish and this blog was merely writing practise for the massive job of sorting out my emotions whilst retelling the story as cuttingly real and dramatic as the real memory was.. some of the posts contained are raw, streaming emotion.. many posts although painful to write, had a tremendously cathartic effect - cheaper than therapy one would say. I welcome new and old readers to keep in touch via my author email (sensualexplorersatHotmaildotcom) if you have any questions or wish to share the feelings and emotions raised by my work.
I will announce the publish date and title whenever it happens and I have been clean now for three years. It is possible.
But it is never easy. It's a lifelong journey, I will always be an addict, but I must stay one step ahead of myself and protect all that can be ruined in the eternal struggle to be
at ease once again, comfortable in this skin.
Thank you for being a part of my story.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

I'm a badass (for serious!)


Oh yeah ! Hot Karl questioned my intentions on why I added the La Mer Cream ( which contains crushed pearls and rice proteins) to my wishlist. So, I will explain. I added it on impulse after perusing Postmodern's Wishlist and I thought you just never know ..and I added it to mine.

Now I feel bad about it (I don't expect any gifts) I also put the toothbrush on there as my dentist said I should have one, I think I chose the cheapest one. The La Mer is a pure wish, I'm more than happy with my Loreal Cold Cream, but to keep Hot Karl happy I will take it down.
Carry on as usual.


Oh and I have been doing interviews on my other blog..please link it too