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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Dont forget this post too !!

Hello Lovelies !

I've been ordered by The Boss (that's BF for the time being) to rest but I'm rested.

Ok back now. Grading for Green Belt is on March 12th 2005. I saw my blood specialist today and she stated that I know offically have anemia ( she also told me to quit suntanning as I was only burning my skin) but apart from being Casper's body double - it also means I get puffed really easy. Last time at grading, I had to duck outside and vomit half way through the process. However, HG loyalists will recall that I resumed my place on the mats and finished the grading and felt super fantastic. But now...I may even collapse.
I'm not a super agressive person (read: I'm unco) but I don't know if I made it clear how I feel about fighting. I like nothing better than to work up a nice sweat, sharpening my techniques on any given day of the week. I sparr the BF when he is in the shower, basting a chicken or running away from a suprise attack on me (idiot) Yep, I'm all over him like a fat kid on a cupcake.

I did take an oath to be modest and only use my skills for self defense( which is hard for a Blogger) I will get real for Y'all.
I'm learning fast and I enjoy learning a sport that I can also use to protect myself and those weaker than me. (knowing look - thats probably you I'm talking about) However, I don't seriously think I could like, say take out Steven Segal (love!) but I have been known to wipe the floor with a certain boyfriend of same residence and rank.

Yes, one could argue that I have been gently reminded by my instructor ( did I tell you that I saw him in "real peoples clothes" and I was all homer in a pork chop flavored donut factory) I was admonished that I need to actually not make contact when sparring - it doesn't win me any favours when I go for my black belt grading, when teams of women will attack me (full contact) for twenty minutes flat. I figure by then that I will be The Black Mumba ( Kill Bill) in The House Of Shadows. If anyone reader wants to disagree then I'm afraid it's the Exploding Heart Technique for you.

Yay for Million Dollar Baby winning the Oscars. Bf and I went and saw it and I was miffed at the ending (which I won't spoil for my readers who will know that I've given said movie the HG approval will go rushing to cinemas , grabbing handbags as this review goes to print)

Yes, we meagre aussies have televisions and when we are not wrestling crocodiles (I have never seen one in the wild) or decorating the house with deadly snakes and spiders, we like to get "Hollywoodised"
I don't get E channel as I don't have the premium package on my cable.
I still pay 60 hard earned though a month for the "taste what the rich get but you don't" package. I've since discovered at BEST this gets me is the Women's Channel, Some Unfunny Comedy Channel and MTV (which we only JUST GOT)
The BF and I are seriously looking to trim our expenses to save for a house deposit and he is very keen to cut off my cable. This upsets me deeply as I spend alot of time watching Dr Phil and Oprah and Sex And The City in the day, instead of doing the dishes.
I'm not even hot enough to be a Desperate Housewife - I guess I'm the Desperately Lazy Edition. To my defense, I use Dr Phil in my assignments - as in I observe how he deals with people and write my observations down. Technically, I'm meant to be self appraising my own performance - which means I have to video tape my sorry ass.
I mean hello video-cam corders are for wierd-ass tourists and obsessed parents that are loaded. I'm eating 45 cent bowl-o-noodles four nights a week - My parents just learnt that a DVD machine is not a cd player (I wish I was kidding) !
(It's the I'm a writer and I'm eating noodles sob story - please shoot me!)

I had other stuff to say and I will say more (oh you know I will) tommorow :)

I get the feeling that MTV used to be way cooler than it actually is now.
Something about all those reality (crap) shows and less music videos?
I was expecting more from America !


Garrison Steelle said...

Music videos. Do they still make those? ;)


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