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Monday, December 06, 2004

50 things about Heroinegirl

Thanks to Rene from Rene the Rambler Website for this great idea ! I learnt so much about her fabulousness in one post it was quite inspiring !
So I tried to think of 50 things about me that you may not know and this is what I got. I would love it if more people could do this on their own blog, it certainly is easy to do, once you start it is fun to choose what you reveal - I promise.
It is not like a quiz, I just randomly chose these things to reveal.

Fifty Things About Heroinegirl

1. She wore a chinese dress to her year 12 formal and antique ruby drop earrings. She loves fashion and is a label whore. Her parents were not there so she has no photo.
2. She loves her dad and doesn't know where her mum is. She has a stepmother that at the moment is being wierd. She has an alcholic dad so she doesn't drink that much.
3. She has salt on everything (ok except cereal)
4.She doesn't like ice-cream anymore, too much hassle.
5.She has a 19 inch monitor but it is a generic brand :(
6. She cannot drive but has had a learners permit for seven years.
7. She loves to dance and often gets up on podiums and runs away from sweaty ravers.
8. She doesn't need to drink when she dances ( on said podium)
9. She was born whilst candlelight and classical music played.
10. She hated sport at school ( all kinds) was called surfboard by kids cos she was flatchested. She did debating and read a lot of books and wrote in her diary.
11. She has an adsl connection in one room ; cable in the other. She is addicted to internet and reads all of your blogs.
12. She has a freckle on her left inner thigh
13. She is still best friends with the girls from primary school. She is not a snob and loved hanging out with the nerds and the freaks. She still does this and has many types of friends.

14. She has just started taking anti-depressants cos she is sometimes depressed. She gets terrible pms and is also on a cleansing detox for six months.
15. She believes that someone from next door is peeking on her in the shower.
16. She always types her blog with hardly any clothes on. Unless it is cold. Today I have a bikini on because I am expecting a visitor. It is always that hot. Someone knocked on the door the other day while I was sitting naked in the study (that has a big window that you can look into if you are at the front door) He stood there for the longest time as I clamoured to hide my butt nakedness ( it was very hot and I did not even have one shred of clothes on me or on the floor) and then he even looked down (argh) and I was like "Ahhh helloo, what do you want" He said "Is your house for sale" He was just making up shit to stay and look at my booty. Wtf "Noooo!" I said and he was staring at my boobs in silence. I was covering my you know what. I'm like " Can you JUST go !" I mean fucking hell. He was asian man and I was expecting more manners or meekness. It was so redkneck of him !He finally left and I have been wearing clothes ever since. I think the neighbours are happy as the blinds were always open to let breeze in. Everyone has seen my boobs in my row of units becuase of this fact. BF makes sure the door is locked as he goes to work in case the dirty pervert chinese man comes back. Ugh.
17. She loves boyleg cut panties ( and loves saying panties)
18. She thinks mascara and eyes go hand in hand. Can't do smoky eyes properly though and does not always blend foundation properly as always in rush.
19. She quit her job two months ago and recieves sickness benefits. She is having leave and they welcome her to return. May go back to work soon.
20. She always listens to music. All kinds. Cannot be on the net withou blaring music from my cheap ass speakers. The left one crackles and bf always says "Turn that down" Then after no response he will msn her as she can't hear him over The Pixies. He uses a little shhh emotion face and the musical note. She turns it down.
21. She gets driven around by everybody (mainly bf) because she thinks she is Princess Di.
22. Her favorite movies this week are American Beauty, Labryinth, Love Actually, Pure (get this one), Princess Bride. She always watches dvd's on weekends and calls all visual stimuli - entertainment. Must have entertainment every night or cannot sleep. Magazines are also "entertainment"
23. She is going overseas on a Heroinegirl tour to see many friends, next year (late) On the list is New York and LA and Out West and UK and Japan.
24. She never bites her nails but sometimes does not brush her hair properly.
25. She once had a HUGE knot that had to be cut out and it took 2 years to grow back. She was in a bad state when she quit heroin.
26. She is terrible at remembering phone numbers and never answers her mobile.
27. She loves television shows ; the latest show is Rebel Billionare ( Richard Branson)
28. She cannot go on a reality show cos everyone will find out she was a junkie. She does not mind this as she knows the truth but her loved ones do.
29. She wants to have a pet really bad - but lives in a unit that says NO ! ( meanies)
30. She will still get a cat regardless, because she likes to bend rules.
31. She has a messy room, but not unclean. Just lots of washing.
32. She has run out of perfume ( chloe narcisse ) and wants some more for xmas.
33. She doesn't really like staying away from home as this is her saftey zone.
34. She met BF on the internet in a chat room that is now closed. It was not a bdsm chatroom , although she does visit these as she is a natural submissive.
35. She has a bit of money in the bank but wants more.
36. She has only done one year of university - Bachelor of Education In Immersion Japanese. She speaks japanese and has been to Japan. She paid for herself to go after she left home at 17 by working after school.
37. She is not scarred from the abortion and wants to have a little girl one day.
38. She worries it may be a boy and that she cannot buy pink things and is worried that he may have red hair and freckles and punch her in the stomach.
39. She loves fireworks and when driving past xmas houses with lights, she makes BF beep a lot and she hangs out of the window yelling "Merry Xmas" and the people sitting on the verandah yell back "Merry Xmas" and my BF goes "Omfg you are so silly , please get back in the car." Then I beep the horn again.

40. She loves pickles and eats olives from the jar and drinks the juice. This makes her sick.
41. She never orders prawns when going to chinese - as she thinks it is extravagant. She gets the chicken chow mein. Always gets entree hardly ever gets dessert. But she does buy oysters for no reason and hates it when people ask for one. She is not really good at sharing food.
42. She doesn't like chores and her only chore is washing up the dishes. BF does everything !
43. She gives excellent blowies as thanks for number 42.
44. She thinks she can sing but she knows that she can't. She tries all the time and can sing like eddie vedder, but not really.
45. She is starting to feel old as she is mid twenties but she is an old soul anyway.
46. She loves steak to be medium rare and prefers the salad not the chips. Loves meat and has just discovered chicken sausages. Adores Cheese.
47. She loves the spoon position but after a while gets jack of it and sleeps on her side with only hands touching. Likes sleeping tablets but BF hides them.
48. She is a yellow belt now in Rhee Taekwondo and thinks her instructor is a major hottie. She trains twice a week and so does the BF. She is good at sparring but bad at side kick. She is not very flexible and this makes her feel very dumb. Has never been able to do cartwheels, backbends (freaky shit) or the splits. Does feel slightly less girly for this fact.
49. Her eyes are blue and her face is very expressive. She has skin that flares up with hormones and it makes her think she could be a lot prettier if she just stopped getting pimples. She doesn't really have a cleansing routine though and is not going to stop picking her face or touching them. Bf smacks her hands but she does it when he is in the shower.
50. She wants to be on Oprah discussing her new book called Heroine. She is getting a manuscript done and hopes this will finally satisfy my urge to make a difference to the world.

So there you have it. Fifty things about Heroinegirl.



Rambling Rene said...

:0 Take it from this vereran nudist. Always, always, always keep a bathrobe handy for just such an occasion. And always make sure you can grab your gun real fast too. My .22 is about as handy as my bathrobe! I would never shoot a Peeping Tom, but scaring the shit out of them is fun!

Sabrina_C said...

it was like learning 50 things about you while taking fucking mescaline, goddamn rainbow colors. i felt like lucky charms vomited it up for you. awesome.

wowedout said...

hi,i was just visiting from the churchofsteelle that is a really neat picture of that angel/mermaid you have ! i might just do the 50 things on my blog but i don't know if i could think of 50 ......

kimberley said...

I also did the same thing, but I just chose 22 since that is how old I am. The title of of it is called "The proper way to slack off" on my site.

kimberley said...

I also did the same thing, but I just chose 22 since that is how old I am. The title of of it is called "The proper way to slack off" on my site.

Brandie said...

Terrific list. :) Just shows how faboo you really are, hon.

Toxic Angel said...

Fabulous list! I might have to jump on the bandwagon with this. Cheers :)

shadowx said...

Thanks for posting that, I had so much fun doing mine.

Garrison Steelle said...

WONDERFUL list! 'Tis enjoyable to get to know you better. :)


Biek said...

Cool list girl, not all was a surprise though ;-) I'd do one too but then I'd be sued for boring people to death, so I doubt I'd ever publish one 'live' ... I don't have your guts ;-)

Dacia said...

I posted a list of 25 things about me just now, from the mundane and quirky to the bad and daring.

HeroineGirl said...

Yes, I saw everyone has been doing the list and I feel so much more in the know about my fellow blogarinas.
Thanks for the tip on being nude Rene, I will definately keep a robe on hand in the future.
It was so embarassing !

Anonymous said...

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