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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

The Temptations


I am typing this at a cafe waiting for the BF to pick me up. I should be at work, but I just left/quit amicably, I am not 100% sure why (eek) rather than I could just not handle it for one more moment and left right there and then.
Le fucking sigh!

The job is great - the people awesome but I don't think it is for me, at this stage of the game. Don't worry I will be fine, I guess I am in shock at the moment so I sound all very simpley dimply, but the HG experience just got a whole lot more interesting. I am going in tommorow to collect things and sign paperwork. I am NEVER going to work in an office again, finally I can say that and mean it. I have done telemarketing, sales and office jobs for a little bit now, trying to fit into the "norms" of society and all that has ensued is all consuming feelings of despair and total frustration. Begone inner hatred !
These definately are ... Strange Days.
(I'm a tad excited though.. in spite of my skeptism !)



Rambling Rene said...

How about working with at risk youth?

Micha Lindsey said...

You SHOULD be excited!

It was always when I made bold choices like that did good things follow. It's like opportunity refuses to smile on you until you make a few bold choices for yourself. Because what that does is give you a door or even window perhaps for Mr. Opportunity to knock on.

Congrats, I say!!!

I'm guessing though you wouldn't be interested in that school I mentioned before, www.aftrs.edu.au, or something like it? I mean, you may have to move but either way it may be worth checking into... hmmm?

School has totally changed my life. It gives me more direction and purpose than any receptionist or waitressing job ever has. Plus all the people you meet and connections you make can be priceless. Networking and who-you-know mean a lot in this world and school is a great place to start...

Man... I'm starting babble... I'm sorry. Just ignore me, it's late and my head needs rest.

Dacia said...

Congratulations and welcome to the dark side of employment, where nothing is ever certain but you own your own life!

I had a full time job a few years back - that shit is for the birds. So, enjoy the struggle and claim your life back. It's stressful but oh so worth it.

Kim said...

Define your own normal and you'll find your place.

Good luck and be careful.


Lana said...

casting off the golden shackles of a stable office job was the best thing i ever did...and i'm sure it will be for you too. you obviously have talent and a tenacious soul to guide you. best of luck with what comes next.