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Monday, November 15, 2004

Happy Endings ?

"It's going to be bitter-sweet at best and very sad at worst," said Sarah Jessica Parker reagrding the finale, screening tonight in Australia for the first time. I could not of said it any better - SJP . At least, I will be watching along with all the fans as it happens, together we walk to the end of Fifth Avenue. One last time.

I was reading the local paper and of course everyone ( who is female) is talking about tonights final episode !! I have definately decided that I am watching it - no concert for me !
How could I even think of bailing on my sisters ! How could I call myself "Carrie Bradshaw" anymore, with a blemish on my adoring fan record this large. No. It doesn't end like that !

"For a generation of viewers, saying goodbye to these women will be a tearful task. I don't think I'm alone in saying, finally, "I heart Sex and the City."'
Just reading more stuff on the net - great now I am crying again. I know - lame.

Thank you so much for your kind advice - it did help. Just making such a big deal of it, proved to me what was the right thing to do. I just thought, I know where I have to be at 9.30 tonight.
Not at a B lister concert getting VIP drinks and shmoozed. No , I need to be at home bawling and itching my nose with choclate hands so I end up with it all over my face.

SJP , I need to finish this thing we started six years ago.
To make sure I am a super fan I did this quiz on the australian website. I got 100%.
Then I started crying again and stuffing blocks of chocolate in my mouth at an alarming rate. Good news too - The BF has also come to the 'party of understanding' of my emotional needs ( took him long enough) and is taking me to the shops soon to stock up on all the goodies. He knows not to call when the show is on ( of course) but he is going to call me from the concert to give me updates. So, that is that ! I am so excited - I just need to settle on my favourite takeout. Let the countdown begin ! Guys ( as gender specific ) you might as well like come back tommorow. It's all downhill from here.

Heroinegirl starts to practise her silly little dance I do when the opening credits come on (picture lots of jumping and clapping and shimming of hips, culminating in the chaa chaa chaa bit at the end )

Ahhh... Who needs drugs - when I can make myself this happy
I Love you guys XXX

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