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I will announce the publish date and title whenever it happens and I have been clean now for three years. It is possible.
But it is never easy. It's a lifelong journey, I will always be an addict, but I must stay one step ahead of myself and protect all that can be ruined in the eternal struggle to be
at ease once again, comfortable in this skin.
Thank you for being a part of my story.

Sunday, October 03, 2004

My Island Home

This is where I live...Brisbane. My work building is just out of shot. You cannot swim in the river but you can catch the Rivercat around, which is nice. I used to live on the coast and now I have moved to the "city". As you can see - it is not that big ! Perfect for little me.
This photo reproduced courtesy of a third party and is copyright protected.


Cerridwen said...

cool pix HG! nice to see the city where you live. Thanks for stopping by my blog. as to the language thingy...I am better in English than any other language but Ido try to learn through my sister. I did show her your blog. I hope you know that it helps a lot of people appreciate what they have in their life and to better understand those who has or had the affliction of the nasty alcohol & drugs in their life may it be through their family or their friends... keep sane and take care!

darling maggot said...

::...calculating satnav co-ordinates...::
::...triangulating position...::
::...prioritizing results...::

::...target acquired...::



just teasing. nice view. ;)

ps: comments are broken in the previous post, yeah?

HeroineGirl said...
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HeroineGirl said...

Brisbane is a nice place, but I am originally from the coast and that is nice I will post some more pictures of some places , I describe in the blog. Should be fun.

I think blogger had some issues with links and also comments, but they seem to be working now, I really need to organise a back up for this blog, what if something happens?

I would be "up shit creek in a barbwire canoe without a paddle" ( aussie saying - I told you we are wierdo's)

HG (hug)

HeroineGirl said...

LOL Darling - you ARE the living end .
That's what I dig about you.
I am very good at staying hidden, but maybe I want someone to find me.

Maybe ;)