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Monday, September 13, 2004

Get Your Filthy Paws Off My Silky Drawers

Nudity features in the post below. Kindly be forwarned that these links will take you to plastic surgery sites and topical images. Please excersise due caution when accessing this sensitive material. The red links are provided for your discretion, taking into consideration your destination, whilst reading my blog.

Speaking of boobs. Every second , a working girl is getting tweaked too hard.
To any clients that read this. Boobs are not knobs or things that turn. Unless I ask you.
At certain times of the month , you nibble my breasts too hard - I nibble your face off.
Just playing *evil laugh*

Morning lovelies. I just love the internet. It's just a wealth of information and education.
I am researching the merits of breast enlargements. I am about (Ok, so I know exactly what size I am) I am a ten C. That is Australian sizing. To elaborate, it is not quite a orange half, more a very small stewing apple. I am a light girl I spose, what I don't have in chest , I commiserate in legs.
But , like every girl I want it all.

Besides ( rationalising here) it is only harmless research for the interim.
Breasts to me , seem to encapsulate ( sorry capsules on the brain) the feminine shape, and before you pen poisionous emails - I know that is a silly/stupid and antiquated statement. A woman is defined by much more than outer appearance. Yet, I still have this nagging Britney Spears transplant of rationality to want to wear one of those triangle bikini tops without looking like a deflated circus tent is attached to my chest. And hey - this is my journal and I will postulate if I want to !

I mean this looks half decent . I don't know , I'm not that size , a little larger.
That's a good site by the way. Lots of information.
Removed the link that did appear as I did not realise it was sooo graphic.
I was dry retching all over the shop. Sorry Guys.

her·o·ine ( N ) A woman noted for courage and daring action.

If you want a site that is a little bit more easier on stomach, than this site is a celeb site with lots of examples of what works and what doesn't work. A bit of coffee break reading.
This girl is obsessed with other peoples appearance. Amazing.

I just got an email. BRB.
Argh you know those emails that talk about how bad things are thesedays, that you can't go and play outside and that we young people don't know what a record player is. They lament how times have changed, innocence has been lost and we all have posable thumb rsi from overuse on playstation machines and text messaging mobiles ?

Well here is advancements that we do have now - thanks to the new generation.
I have to think of some. I'm positive that I am going to reassure myself.

Nowdays you can get a blood transfusion and not be in jeopardy of contracting a blood borne virus.

Nowdays you can have access to the internet and over 365 billion people. Even if you loose your libary card.

We may have aids now, but we all know what a condom is and I know what brands I like best :)

I can do my daily commute without being subjected to second hand cigarette smoke. I know the dangers of passive smoking for myself and for my children.

if someone steals your car, it can be tracked from space. Yeah. Space.

Nowdays we do have wars, but we don't have world wide ones. I am lucky my boyfriend plays war games on the playstation. I am ok with that and grateful and commemorative for our fathers that died. I attend memorials and I do show respect.

I donate to various relevant charities since I was six.

Openly homosexual men can reinvent a straight man's sense of style on prime time televison and no one beats him up for being a faggot.

We have abortion clinics.

I don't eat my macdonalds out of styrofoam containers - I know what CFC's are.

My whales are protected along with 125 986 animals in the kingdom.

I can vote and I am encouraged to.

I can take as many digital photos of my friends and family as I like and store the pictures forever on the internet.

I frequent multicultural events and I have a favorite sushi resturant and we all eat RAW FOOD !

I'm educated on rape by goverment advertisements and support networks. I know what date rape is.

I am more than betty crocker. I earn 50K a year more.

I can cook a roast and give deepthroat. ( alas, not simulataneously) I can balance work place success and manage to feed the children ( with or without a husband)

I do know what a record is. I just prefer the capabilities of my ipod.

I am not scared of computers.

Children are bilingual and they know what the word pollution means.

They also know about terrorists but such is life

My girlfriend is a year away from becoming a doctor.

Women are urged to do self-defense instead of sewing class.

The list could go on and on...

I am proud of my generation and always will be.
Add some to the comments if you like.
Should be interesting :)

Loquaciously Yours



Biek said...

You have a clear and sharp mind HG, and I'll have to take some time thinking about that list and come up with some nice additions.

The breast thing is something that I just don't get, but that must be a guy thing I guess. Or that someone telling me the other day that I'm the last one on earth who really doesn't care about that 'visual' aspect of women was right after all ;-)

I need to redefine that. What I don't get is guys kinda pushing girlfriends (where's the 'friend' part in that at those moments) just so they can show off to other guys.

On the other hand your perspective, although it wouldn't be my own choice soon I think, I can understand or at least see you point and I whish that it brings you what you hope for.

I guess for girls it works differently than it does for guys so maybe I shouldn't even be arguing about it.


Ally said...

Youths are more open minded and do not carry the prejudices of their parents.

I can go to school looking like whatever I want to look like and not be bullied because of it.

I am proud of MY generation, even if I might not always be, I am now.

Eric said...

Nowdays we publish our secret diarys on the internet so everyone can read about the things we were too ashamed to tell our shrinks.

Keep up the good work.