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Thursday, September 16, 2004

Earthbound Misfit

Hello Lovelies !

Just got home from Taekwondo. Boy - I am tired in places I never knew I had hair. Jokes. Just seeing if you paying attention. I am a big sooky la la though, I'm just a tad sore and tired , man I fucking ( thats how much I love it) LOVE martial arts. The achievable fitness and discipline is great and the artform, I just drink it up. The hour goes so quickly. I go straight from the office of doom, get picked up by BF and we go together, it is great value too - 40$ UNLIMITED classes( I just found that out) for the month. I go twice a week. Good huh. Snaps for HG.

At first - I was all gangly and uncoordinated like a sumo ballet dancer, so stiff it was offputing, but I move better now and I am coming away from each lesson a little more empowered. I am not a victim anymore and each lesson I feel exhilarated with my new found strength. I have the confidence to throw a punch ( and mean it) , each week I sharpen my hands into deadly weapons , I am taught how to utilise whatever I can to defend myself and protect not only me, but those I love and care about. (Of course the true nature of self defense is that voilence is the last, last resort, only to be called on when all negotiations have basically died in the arse darling)I won't use it unless everything else has failed. But it is nice to know - you touch me or your touch my child or you touch my husband and I will defend them with all I have. Not to mention the anger it can expell after a day of meaningless customer service and stifled screams from the sheer tedium. Oh yeah, just to bring you up to speed on the work sitch:
I have decided to scale down my work to part-time, as I don't really have need for surplus income I am recieving at the moment, plus I have ideas !

In short, I am just listening to some Bjork and relaxing tonight, taking some time to savour the dull pain in my thighs and the onset of a well earnt night sleep !

Sweet Dreams Kids.

Peace be with you

*judo chops a star out of blogger template and does spinning back jump onto the street*

I am gone. (lol)

KILL BILL 2 is out in australia. Just wait till I watch that, then I am totally unbearable guys!

ok gone really now.

*stop reading* guyyyyyyyyyys.

ok you hung up first.



Oops sorry I thought you were going?




Blogger has terminated this call.

You come back now ya here.

Blogger: grumbles.

1 comment:

Biek said...

* pick up phone
* press 'redail'
* HG's Blog comes up
* CONTINUE reading stories, grinning, drying the occasional tears, remember to blink eye every now and then, taking it all in and loving it

Hahaha, HG unbearable ... I can't imagine that, not even with my eyes closed *grin*

I didn't see Kill Bill 2 until about three weeks ago. Completely missed it in the cinema's. I think I need to see it a couple of times again, like I did with part 1. I'm one of those people where movies sink in like really slowly so I can enjoy it time after time. Lucky me I guess. Good for the DvD collection :-D

Tarantino's movies rule, all of them. And the 'other' (man I'm in trouble when a real fan reads this ...) martial arts movies in general do too. The Matrix movies must be among my favorites ... or so I think ... maybe I need to see them again soon ... ;-)

Good to see that smile on you HG, keep it up!

Love from the Netherlands,

* (finally) hang up phone, start cooling down left ear
* come back later today